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Gaffelkrona Ducati Monster 600 / 750 / 900 -01

  • The DTC-2 and DTC-6 top triple clamps are CNC-machined of solid billet alumi-num.
  • Designed to fit all Ducati Monster models, the DTC-2 provides for moun-ting with stock 50 mm fork tubes, while the DTC-6 accommodates 53 mm, superbike-type fork tubes.
  • Both models include tapped holes for all the instrument and miscellaneous mounting requirements particular to the Monsters.
  • The DTC-2 andDTC-6 triple clamps are designed to integrate with Cycle Cat BR series multi-adjustable bar mounting systems.

Gaffelkrona Ducati 888 / 900 SS

  • The DTC-1 and DTC-5 top triple clamps are CNC-machined of solid billet 7075 aluminum.
  • Designed to fit all Ducati 888s and 900 Supersport models, the DTC-1 is a specifically made to enable fitting superbike (53mm) forks in place of stock (50mm) forks.
  • The DTC-5 is designed to fit standard, 50mm forks. The DTC-1 comes with the shim ne-cessary to properly adapt the stock lower triple clamp to the superbike forks.

Ducati 848 2008-11 30mm Cartridge Kit w/Springs

The Öhlins 30mm Cartridge Kit.

The latest Road & Track 30mm front fork cartridge kit from Öhlins is based  on experience gained from World Supersport and Superstock Championships. It doesn't matter if you are heading for a National Roadracing title or if you are taking your bike to the local race track. The latest 30mm cartridge kit will give you loads of performance, stable damping characteristics and fantastic comfort. Greater surface area translates into more control and less negative pressure on the back side of the piston virtually eliminates cavitation commonly found on other brands of cartridge kits.

The Öhlins 30mm cartridge kit has a unique design with compression damping and adjuster on the left leg and rebound damping and adjuster on the right leg - i.e. all adjustments are on the top of the forks together, with the spring preload adjusters; one of the new improvements over the 25mm cartridge kit.

Up until now, the Öhlins 30mm cartridge kit hasn't had a great deal of test data available.  However throughout the 2010 AMA season, more data has become available to make the 30mm kit a clear favorite over the previous 25mm cartridge kit. More details are available through Witchkraft Motorsports and their technical services provided with your purchase.


  • Includes complete internal cartridge.
  • New 30mm compression pistons, new 30mm rebound pistons, new piston rings, new shims, complete set of one-way valves and new washers.
  • Easier setting changes made for individual preferences.
  • One adjuster per side.
  • Recommended track settings included.
  • External rebound damping and compression damping.
  • External spring preload adjusters (one per side).
  • Your choice in spring rate (based on your weight and preference).
  • Same 25mm fork springs that are on the R&T forks.
  • Works with stock fork sliders and bottoms, so they are Supersport legal in nearly all regions.

Styrlager Kit Ducati 748-1098 Mfl. 70240041A

Komplett kit med 2 x lager

  • Ducati 620 i.e `01
  • Ducati Monster 696 `08
  • Ducati 748 `99
  • Ducati 748 `99 SPS
  • Ducati 748 R `00
  • Ducati 748 SP, Biposto
  • Ducati 848 `10
  • Ducati Monster 900 i.e. `02
  • Ducati 916 `94
  • Ducati 916 Monop.-Senna `95-
  • Ducati 916 SP `96
  • Ducati 916 `98
  • Ducati 996 Bip./Monop. `99
  • Ducati 996 SPS
  • Ducati 998 S FE
  • Ducati 999
  • Ducati 999 R `04
  • Ducati 999 S
  • Ducati Monster 1000 `03
  • Ducati Monster 1000 S `04
  • Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS
  • Ducati 1098
  • Ducati 1098 S
  • Ducati Hypermotard 1100 `09
  • Ducati Monster S2R 1000 `06
  • Ducati Monster S4 `01
  • Ducati Monster S4RS
  • Ducati ST 3
  • Ducati ST 4 `99
  • Ducati ST 4 S `01