HKS Turbo Timer

Product Spec.

This Turbo Timer enhances the longevity of a turbo engine by ensuring a proper circulation of engine lubricating oil.
It determines the optimum amount of engine idling time needed for cooling down after ignition have been switched off, and thus prevents oil coking in the center bearing cartridge assembly due to high temperatures of the turbo.

It features an auto mode that determines the optimum idling time needed according to the most recent driving pattern. A manual mode is also available in situations where pre-defined idling times are desirable.

The all new Turbo Timer features a slim and compact design with a red LCD backlit display and control unit, as well as battery voltage display with peak value indication and warning functions.


  • 100% Brand New
  • Automatic calculation of the necessary amount of "after idling time"
  • Battery voltage display with peak value indication and warning functions
  • Compact polyurethane casing with Red LED backlit display for night vision
  • Prevent premature turbo wear and failure by cooling down both exhaust and intake tracts
  • Multiple pre-set time periods for vehicle idling