Flex Air Intake

  • Inner diameter 75mm

K&N Filter Universal

  • Inlet diameter: 3" - 76mm - Längd: 152mm - Ytter diameter: 152mm
  • Inlet diameter: 3" - 76mm - Längd: 160 mm - Ytterdiameter: 190mm

Kolfiber Cold Air Intake Filter

  • Made from the finest cabon fiber available "Grade A".
  • Protected with UV coating, that will hold its high gloss finish and won't fade.
  • Carbon weave is wraped completely around the edge which is rounded not cut.
  • Interior: Strong galvanised steel mesh, Epoxy coating, Deep pleats/3D precision weaving technology.
  • Extreme velocity stack and high flow filter element to ensure maximum air flow.
  • Intake diameter: 76mm
  • Total height: 175mm
  • Body diameter: 131,5mm

Kolfiber Cold Air Induction Kit

  • Material: carbon fiber and aluminum
  • Universal fit all cars
  • Finishing: anodized
  • High flow cold air induction system

K&N Apollo Closed Air Intake System

The K&N Apollo CIS (Closed Intake System) is a universal air intake system incorporating a washable/reusable K&N High-Flow Air Filter. The Apollo?s specially designed shape increases volumetric efficiency and provides the benefits of an open cone filter and standard air box in one unit. Heat build up is reduced which keeps the intake charge cool. Smooth internal features minimize air turbulence and maximize air flow.
The Apollo's outer shell is made of a durable lightweight material that helps keep incoming air cool as it enters the engine chamber. K&N's Apollo system includes a cold air hose with a specially designed radius end cap so cooler outside air can be directed into the engine. The Apollo has a 70mm base flange. It is supplied with a pack of vent adaptors to incorporate most engine breathers and temperature sensors from the original air box assembly back into the Apollo. Included vent sizes are: outside diameter, 3/8 outside diameter,  outside diameter, 5/8? outside diameter and a blanking plug if a vent adaptor is not required.

  • Apollo Cold Air Intake System
  • Allows For Updating Of Intake System
  • Custom Mounting Hardware
  • Feeds Cool Air Into Your Engine
  • Improved Volumetric Efficiency
  • Increased Power Gains
  • Retains A Closed Environment
  • Shell Reduces Heat Build Up
  • Washable/reusable Air Filter