SPRINT Luftfilter Aprilia

As clearly shown in these photographs taken using a microscope,
the cotton filter (H&M) is made of extremely coarse yarns while
the polyester filter (SUPERCOMPETITION) is made of much finer
yarns sized to the micron.
Thanks to this special design, polyester fabrics guarantee

more efficient filtrationand excellent air permeability as all our
tests have shown.
Nonetheless it is to be pointed out that the results obtained by
testing cotton fabrics have not been 100% reproducible and this is
due to the weak and yielding texture of the cotton gauze.
However the following results are the best results we obtained.
As to polyester fabrics, results have always been 100%
reproducible and accurate

Air permeability
Diagram N° l shows fabric air permeability at 20mm of H2O.
Polyester shows higher values than cotton: 5,050 liter/m2s
versus 4,900 liter/m2s.
Filtration efficiency
Diagram N° 2 shows the filtration efficiency of both fabrics.
It is to be pointed out that tests have been carried out
using water instead of air. And this gives a remarkable
advantage to cotton whose fibers showed a higher degree
of filtration efficiency thanks to their swelling.
However polyester showed the best results:
93.13% of 100-micron particles have been sieved out

versus 76.42% of 100-micron particles trapped by cotton.