Bazzaz Z-FI TC Fuel Injection, Quick-shift & Traction control Ducati 848 09-11

All Bazzaz fuel control systems for Ducati are unique in that they allow the user to tune in the 0-20% throttle and the 0-5,500 RPM range. This is something you will not find with our competitors. The Z-Fi TC for the Ducati 848 brings traction control technology from the highest levels of professional racing down to the average racer.  The Z-Fi TC does not require any additional sensors to be mounted to the bike, and is fully legal for AMA competition. [Part No. T142R]

Bazzaz Map Select Switch

The Bazzaz Map Select Switch is a handlebar-mounted switch for convenient toggling between two fuel maps. For example, rider can toggle between a fuel efficient map, rain map, or a full power map. [Part No. 127078]

Note: For use with the Z-Fi, Z-Fi MX, Z-Fi QS and Z-Fi TC


BAZZAZ TC Adjust & Map Select Switch

The Bazzaz TC Adjust Switch is a handlebar-mounted switch for easy, on the fly, traction control adjustments and map switching. Quickly adjust traction control settings, or switch off, using a 10-point dial. Also toggle between fuel maps (e.g. rain map, fuel economy map, etc.) on the fly. [Part No. 127079]

Note: Traction Control / Map Select Switch for use with Z-Fi TC only.

BAZZAZ Z-AFM Self-Mapping Kit

• Easily creates custom maps
• Plug in and ride to start building maps on the track
• For advanced tuning, build custom dyno maps
• Accounts for any combination of modifications, such as exhaust
• Also incorporates data from countless conditions such as altitude and fuel type
• Rapid, naturally-sweeping data processing makes for faster, better mapping without unnecessary engine stress
• For race use only

The optional Z-AFM kit consists of an air fuel sensor and amplifier box that plugs into any of the Z-Fi products and allows for precise tuning of the motorcycle. If your exhaust does not have a M18 x 1.5 bung for the O2 sensor, be sure to check related products to order the titanium or stainless steel bung. [Part No. 127062]