Ducati Panigale ABS (Race) 2012 Bitubo Stötdämpare D0038XXF61

Bitubo D0038XXF61 Mono Racing with manual preload

Mono Racing with manual preload Introduced in 2008, in constant development, XXF is positioned on top of upgrades available today EVOLUTION concerned the reduction of the overall weight by adopting an aluminum body, always important parameter in Racing for the best response of the bike to the rider orders, new set-up, more and more race ready, and a makeover - especially in the key of greater functionality and ease of operation - the adjustment distance and hydraulic spring preload.

INNOVATION is inside, with new technical solutions to improve the damping coefficient and increase stability at high temperatures. The Ø14mm rod improves the smoothness while the piston, Ø 30 mm reduces the fluid masses in motion. All targeted improvements to achieve, low inertia, and then an immediate control of the suspension oscillations. Particular attention was paid to the increase in sensitivity and accuracy of the adjustments, now all located in the upper head.

The GOAL is to provide the pilot a precise handling and increased grip never found until now, a uniform tire wear thanks to the instant control of the forces. This gives to the driver, the maximum support when cornering even at extreme angles, fast changes of direction, maximum confidence in the opening of gas in all types of track, perfect rear end stability even under the hardest braking. XXF has the following settings:

Compression low speed high speed compression 24-clicks 20-clicks 24-clicks Extension Manual spring preload ring millimeter with adjustable spacing up to 8 mm, easily operated with the supplied pin ADJUSTMENT GROUP The XXF shocks are quickly editable through valve replacement XD and XS extension compression. The set-up supplied is identified by a label on the shock body.

The Bitubo racing department has developed for each specific motorcycle set-up from the team riders who participated in leagues around the world, now also available for you, or use a specific damping coefficients. Two pipe provides complete valve assemblies at a speed that is two-speed and supplied to related graphics. XXF is completely overhauled, to keep it at its maximum efficiency.