Proguard System Kit (As used in MotoGP and WSBK)

After a long-term research, having used the latest hi-tech control systems, successfully employed in the Formula 1, our company have designed an absolutely exclusive product, meant to increase the safety degree of motorcyclists.

The product called PROGUARD SYSTEM®, prevents the fall caused by an accidental impact that involves the brake lever, as described above. The shock does not usually have grave consequences, but it is not excluded the possibility of tilting  (Asover.

PROGUARD SYSTEM® protects the brake lever from an involuntary pressure in a simple and effective way. Moreover, the system averts an unintentional actuation of the clutch lever, which in case of contact, could get detached causing a dangerous situation (traction/idle/traction of the wheel).
Accidental contact.
During a number of recent motorcycle races, there have been some accidents due to injurious falls caused by the contact of the front brake lever with a lateral or rear point of another bike.
An unexpected proximity to an obstacle, with the same ensuing consequence, may possibly happen outside the track, as well. 
The speed exerts negative influence on the aerodynamics?
PROGUARD SYSTEM® solves the problem.

Analyzing the data obtained during the races, it’s been shown up that once the a 180 km/h speed is exceeded, both brake and clutch levers are undergone a front pressure caused by the air resistance. This results in a value variation up to 0.7-0.8 bar in the hydraulic plant and lead to attrition between the brake pads and the disc, as well as to a sliding of the hydraulic clutch components.

To decrease these inconveniences and to avoid any possible efficiency loss, the outer parts of our present brake and clutch levers have been machined by milling in a specific way that allows to discharge the air flows. As a result, the problem has been significantly reduced, but it’s obvious that the air pressure exerted on the front levers at high speed does not allow its complete elimination.

Another function of the PROGUARD SYSTEM® is removing the pressure caused
by the air on the lever, so to avoid the formation of brake attrition and overheating
consequences, as well as the clutch sliding and effectiveness losses.
All this through its aerodynamic part.


The CFD analysis of the PROGUARD SYSTEM® is a numeric type activity of the Computerized Hydrodynamics that represents the state of the numeric stimulations art in the Aerodynamic field.
The computation code being used is STAR CCM+, produced by CD-ADAPCO, a world leading manufacturer of the CAE systems dedicated to the industry and, in particular, to the CFD application in particular.
CD-ADAPCO, with their products, is an official partner of the largest Teams, such as the America’s Cup and
Formula 1.

The calculation activities have been enlarged in co-operation with AT.I, the engineering department of ATOMO GROUP LTD.

Presently, RIZOMA is the only manufacturer of motorcycle components that employs these technologies for the development of its own product lines.



The PROGUARD SYSTEM® is a synthesis of resistance, durability and functionality. Its body is made of a fusion of aluminum–silicon–magnesium and manganese, which assure the necessary rigidness and at the same time a low fragility useful in event of fall not caused by an unexpected contact of the lever.

The AERODYNAMIC PART is made of a particular plastic material, resistant to the atmospheric exposures, which in case of impact, can bend toward the motorcyclist hand


An extreme care about every small detail and using the most efficient materials distinguish this invention, as well. The typical style of all Rizoma products always puts into evidence an attentive consideration for the aesthetics and design. As a result, the emotional effect, the ability to arouse positive sensations together with the functional and hi-tech aspect.