Probolt Titanium Swingarm Pivot Bolt Ducati 848 / 1098 / 1198 / S / R M15 x (1.25) Natural

  • Titanium Special Part For Ducati 848/1098/S/R

  • Swingarm Pivot Bolt, this has been made for the swingarm shaft which we also offer.

  • Beautifully made and unique to Pro-Bolt - M15 x 1.25 x 20mm.

  • Not only strong but 40% lighter than standard steel original and also offers great corrosion resistance.

Probolt Titanium Rear Disc Bolt Ducati Pack x 4

  • Titanium Polished Ducati Rear Disc Bolt - Allen key drive head,

  • Not only strong but 40% lighter than standard steel original and also offers great corrosion resistance.

  • Price per Set of 4

CNC Racing Front Axle Nut Ducati 1098

Probolt Titanium Sprocket Nut Ducati 1098 / 1198

  • M10 x 1.00mm Pack x 6

  • Italian inspired design as used on the Ducati 1098. Set of 6 Titanium Bi-Hex Sprocket Nuts.  
  • Manufactured from 6AL-4V (Grade 5) Titanium these are a massive 40% lighter than original nuts.
  • Can be bought individually and torqued to manufacturers' original settings.
  • This stylish set will get you noticed.

Probolt Titanium Front Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt Kit Race Spec Ducati 848 / 1098 / 1198 / S / R

  • Titanium bolts set of 4 x M10 (1.25) x 60mm Race Spec Bolts

  • Drilled on all Flats with reduced socket size and scooped out head

  • High tensile 6AL-4V (Grade 5) Titanium - to mount the front caliper to the fork leg. An area of the bike that quickly suffers from rust and corrosion.

  • This kit offers better corrosion resistance and is 40% lighter than the original bolts.

  • Can be torqued to the manufacturers' original setting.

Probolt Titanium Disc Bolt Kit

  • Set of 12 - For both front discs
  • M6 x 15mm FH Disc Bolts

Probolt Titanium Ducati 1098 / 1198 / S Unsprung Weight R/D Kit Race Spec

  • Titanium Unsprung Weight Reduction Kit with Race Spec Bolts included.

  • A selection of our most popular un-sprung bolts are presented in gift boxes.

  • Bolts included are either Flanged Hex Head Bolts or Tapered Socket Cap - the bolts used in each specific kit replicate the bike's original bolts.

  • Usual contents included in kit (where applicable check bike listing) are: Front & Rear Disc Bolts, Sprocket Nuts, Front Axle Pinch Bolts (Race Spec), Front Caliper Mount Bolts (Race Spec)- and where applicable Front Caliper Pinch Bolts.

  • Being Grade 5 Titanium our bolts will save an amazing 40% off standard steel bolts in terms of weight - and offer excellent corrosion resistance.

Probolt Titanium Swingarm Pivot Shaft Ducati 848 / 1098 / 1198 / S

  • Titanium Special Part For Ducati 848/1098/s - Swingarm Pivot Shaft, beautifully made and unique to Pro-Bolt Bolt. Nut for the end available separately.

  • Huge weight saving of 40% over heavy steel standard part.

Probolt Titanium Motor Skruv Kit Ducati 1098 / 1198 / S / R 06-

All the bolts to replace manufacturers originals on side engine casings including clutch covers, water pump housing, alternator cover and sprocket covers where applicable. Kits are easy to use - remove one bolt at a time, and replace with an identical length Pro-Bolt! Primarily contains M6 threads with a 5mm Allen key drive. Get the wow factor! This kit is an incredible 40% lighter than originals and is highly resistant to corrosion. With exotic tapered heads, this product will really make your bike stand out from the crowd. Our bolts are made from Grade 5 Titanium which can be torque to manufacturers original settings. Also included in the kit are Pro-Lube, and the relevant Allen keys.

Probolt Comprehensive Replacement Bolt Case Titanium Case Ducati 1098 / S Complete Kit

  • The full works everything available for your bike in Titanium! Spoil the one you love...
  • Presented in a stylish case this product consists of Rear Axle Nut and Sprocket side nut, Front Disc bolts, Front and Rear Caliper Mounting bolts, Rear caliper pinch bolts, Engine Casing & Clutch pressure plate bolt kits, Fairing kit, Footrest hanger bolts, Front Axle pinch bolts, Handle bar pinch bolt set, Brake & Clutch lever perch pinch bolts, Screen kit, Set of 6 Bi-Hex Sprocket Nuts, Subframe bolt kit, Swingarm pivot shaft and bolt, Swingarm rear hub pinch bolt kit and Top and Bottom Triple Clamp Pinch bolts.
  • That's a lot of weight saving!!