TransLogic Quickshifter

  • Unique `Soft' feel sensor design exclusive to Translogic Systems

  • Unique  AST  (Adaptive Shift Technology)   Ltd for a smoother shift and less gear lever stress for the user.

  • Factory set `DURASHIFT' TITANIUM GP sensors using state-of-the-art.

  • Smallest Multi Channel quickshifter ECU in the world.

  • CESGT  (Controlled Environment Strain Gauge Technology)  Won't flag up warning lights like other quickshifter systems.

  • Temperature immune sensors (no need for temperature compensation)  Finest quality harness components featuring

  • Plug & Play   or other additional electronic components or additional ECUs   connectors where applicable.

  • 3 piece tie rod kit supplied as standard to enable tie rod lengths.

  • `DURASHIFT' TITANIUM Quickshifter GP sensors that don't ranging from 80mm up to 280mm need adjusting or setting up and can't ever go out of adjustment.

  • `DURASHIFT' TITANIUM Quickshifter GP sensors constructed from ultra- 

  • Dedicated bike specific tie rods supplied where applicable lightweight TITANIUM and special stainless steel alloys.

  • Sensor input process using Translogic´s Intellishift