LapTronic GPS receiver for original dashborads Kawasaki

Turn your original dash into an automatic GPS laptimer

5Hz GPS receiver for original dashboards. The receiver displays times directly onto the motorbike’s original instrument panel. The data is stored on the original instrumentation and can easily be recalled to the display. Thanks to the straight-forward connections to the rear of the original instrument panel it is possible to transform your original instrumentation into an automatic GPS racetrack chronometer; enclosed with the product you will find the specific instructions which will guide you step by step on how to install it easily. Check the table above to see whether you can use LapTronic and configure your dashboard as a chronometer.

  • ZX6R / ZX6RR  03  - 04
  • ZX6R / ZX6RR  05 - 06
  • X6R  07 - 08
  • ZX6R  09 - 10
  • ZX10R  04 - 05
  • ZX10R  06 - 07
  • ZX10R  08 - 09